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Imagine being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no land in site. Now imagine there was no land left at all. This is the world you will meet in Gaia’s Prophecy, the first instalment in the series The Fabulous Adventures of Kiso Maravillas. Kiso Maravillas is a teenager, Terra-dolphin descendant, a new species that evolved to survive the harsh realities of life on Terra. A harmonious race, the Terra- dolphins, will have to endure the dangers that lurk just above the surface of their ideal underwater world.

A peculiar and serene energy runs through Gaia’s Prophecy, the first instalment in the series The Fabulous Adventures of Kiso Maravillas. It is a fantasy fiction novel aimed at young readres thirteen years old and above. The author creates a universe populated by legendary beings that evoke a new mythology, fruit of a boundless imagination and creativity.

We could describe this novel not only as a Y/A fantasy novel but also as a eco-friendly-animal-lover-spiritual-magic realism adventure.

Kiso Maravillas will accompany the young reader on a staggering journey through unknown times and strange worlds, where they will meet characters of fabulous species and encounter amazing situations. The novel is an unforgettable odyssey of discovery about love, solidarity, friendship, and finding the courage to protect the world we live in.

A fast evolving and pacy read. The book is based on well-known images and memories accessible to all. The story is built around an ambitious plot, well grounded, entertaining and familiar despite its fantasy.

The defence of ecological and spiritual values are at the centre of the argument of the book away from petty morality. The author opposes two worlds: one governed by chaos, ignorance, violence, selfishness and the destruction of Nature; the other, based on harmony, wisdom, family values, freedom and the blending of races and cultures. Surging around these basic pillars we discover love, solidarity, friendship, courage and honour as well as protection for the environment as the only successful tools in defending the fragile and unstable equilibrium in Life itself.


Isabel de NavasqÜÉs y de Urquijo

My name is Isabel de Navasqüés, I am a Spanish writer with a double Major in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. After more than ten years with a successful career in the world of Communication and Media Production (Video Art, Feature Film, Commercial, Short Film, Social Media Content), I gathered the courage to follow my true calling and focus my time and life in becoming a fiction writer.
Mom of Asia and Isabella, we divide our time between Abu Dhabi and native Madrid.

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