About Gaia

Gaia’s Prophecy is a survival adventure.

It tells the story of a planet, a planet very similar to ours, and how all living beings play a key role in order to survive.

Planet Terra has lost its balance. The earth disappears to give way to water so Terra is now called Aqua.

The way in which its inhabitants react to the change of life; what they do and what they do not do, what they are and what they become; confronts them with situations that lead the story to the final outcome: the fulfilment or not of the Prophecy of Gaia.

In Gaia’s Prophecy, each chapter follows different characters in their journey through this constantly changing world: imagination, wit, adaptability, tenacity, perseverance, the love for your planet, your friends and your family, loyalty … are some of the qualities embodied by our main characters; but not all are good qualities, we will also meet, greed, envy, detachment, intolerance, lack of faith …. It is a novel with multiple narratives.

It is the first episode of the series The Fabulous Adventures of Kiso Maravillas.

Kiso is the protagonist of the saga and in this first novel, the history of her planet and her family are told.

Kiso is a girl who, thanks to the mixed qualities taken from both her family branches, develops an extraordinary potential; this, added to the plan that the Universe has prepared for her, leads to the new adventures that are to be told in the next deliveries of the book.




Isabel de NavasqÜÉs y de Urquijo

My name is Isabel de Navasqüés, I am a Spanish Writer, Entrepreneur, and Health Coach with a Double Major in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. My passion is to tell stories, and the story of Kiso Maravillas is very special to me. It was first written as a short story when I was around eighteen years old, a short story with way too much content compressed in it. Today is a series of books (undetermined for the moment) where we will follow Kiso’s lineage from her grandparents, in Gaia’s Prophecy, to young Kiso traveling the Universe in a galactic submarine of her own device, in the second installment (in the making).
I am a proud mom of two amazing girls who will be writing stories of their own very soon.

I am not so active in Social Media these days, but I do show my nose from time to time, so…

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